Sustainable Development Goals in the tourism sector

The Sustainable Development Goals are a master plan to end poverty and hunger, tackle the climate crisis and achieve gender equality, among many other things, in the next ten years.

At the Itsaslur Tourist Group we have always worked on the sustainability of the tourism sector. Tourism as an engine for the development of rural and urban areas, but in a sustainable way. Today it is perhaps more relevant due to the great gap between north and south, between developed and underdeveloped countries, between men and women, between rich and poor.

On September 25, 2015, world leaders adopted a set of global goals to eradicate poverty, protect the planet and ensure prosperity for all as part of a new sustainable development agenda. Each objective has specific goals that must be achieved in the next 15 years.

End extreme poverty. Fight against inequality and injustice. Solve the problem of climate change. The global goals are important, they are goals that will change the world and for which cooperation between governments, international organizations and world leaders will be necessary. It seems impossible that ordinary people can influence anything. Are you just going to give up?

No! The change starts with you. Really. Each and every human being in the world, even the most indifferent and lazy, is part of the solution. Luckily, there are very easy things that we can introduce into our routine and, if we all do it, we will achieve great changes.

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