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Arrival at Bilbao airport. Assistance and transfer to the hotel. A complete Dossier will be delivered with information on the Basque Country and details of the program. Accommodation at the hotel in Bilbao.

Day 2. BILBAO - SAN SEBASTIAN: Sanctuary of Loyola and Getaria

Breakfast. The route begins at 09:00 in the morning with pick up at the hotel in Bilbao to go to San Sebastián. Once the urban fabric of Bilbao is abandoned, we will be able to admire the typical Basque landscape, green and mountainous. We will enter the valleys of the interior of Bizkaia and after skirting the important town of Durango, we will pass through Eibar, Elgoibar and Azkoitia, this last town preserves the oldest house-towers in Gipuzkoa, until we reach the Sanctuary of Loyola with the Basilica and the Tower House of San Ignacio de Loyola, the founder of the Jesuit order.

In Loyola we will stop to visit its Sanctuary of harmonic proportions. Raised in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries to the greater glory of Saint Ignatius of Loyola, the founder of the company of Jesus, it is an essential visit, the basilica as the holy house, which is the medieval tower house where the founder of the company of Jesus. We will continue the route passing through Azpeitia to reach the coast, more specifically to Zumaia, a town built on a medieval layout, with its marina and strategically located at the mouth of the Urola River.

We will continue the tour along the coastal road with its magnificent views over the Cantabrian Sea until we reach the beautiful fishing village and walled town of Getaria, the birthplace of Juan Sebastián Elcano. Located on the side of a very fertile mountain that allows the cultivation of products such as the vine for the production of Txakoli, we can walk through its streets of the medieval town, which still preserves arches such as the Catrapona, a passageway below the church with Sailors Chapel, the Parish Church of San Salvador (15th century) which is a jewel of Gothic art, its fishing port, the monument to Elcano and we will also have the option of strolling through its narrow streets and its typical bars and restaurants.

Then we will continue the route, passing through Zarauz, the most traditional enclave and a tourist reference since the 19th century. Its magnificent beach, the largest in Gipuzkoa at 2500m. and its old part with its picturesque streets and cosmopolitan atmosphere.

We will continue the trip to San Sebastián, where we will enter through the area of the Antiguo neighborhood, to reach Ondarreta beach and along the road that takes us to the famous Paseo de la Concha, with its magnificent beach and fishing port, as well as the Mount Igeldo and Urgull that protect the bay of La Concha. We will take a panoramic tour to be able to appreciate from our seat the magnificent avenues and promenades as well as the impeccable style with which San Sebastián acquires its style of a beautiful, clean and attractive city. Obviously, we will be able to appreciate the panoramic view of the Kursaal Palace, an outstanding work of the artist Rafael Moneo, the Anoeta stadium, the Victoria Eugenia Theater and the magnificent limestone-colored stately homes. From Mount Igeldo we will be able to contemplate and enjoy the impressive views of the Bay. Then we will have free time for lunch. Our guide will inform you of the multiple possibilities of restaurants and menus.

After lunch, we will start a Walking Tour through the Old Town, a network of narrow streets that preserves the old medieval layout. Near the old port, we will visit its streets, buildings, “pintxos” bars, the San Telmo Museum that you can freely visit with the entrance that the guide will make available to you, the Basilica of Santa Maria de Coro (18th century), in the which venerates the patron saint of the city and the Plaza de la Constitución, one of the most characteristic places in the Old Town, whose main building was the City Hall for years.

The transfer will be made to the hotel and free time to enjoy the city on your own. Our guide will inform you of the possible activities during your stay in the city, including information on visits such as the Aquarium, museums such as San Telmo and others. Accommodation at the Hotel in San Sebastián.


Breakfast. Free day in San Sebastián. Our guide will provide you with information about the activities to be carried out on that day. Accommodation at the Hotel.

Day 4. SAN SEBASTIAN - VITORIA: Ordizia, Oñati, Santuario Aranzazu and Laguardia

Breakfast. The tour begins at 09:00 hours from the center of San Sebastián, leaving the city to take the N1 road towards Vitoria. Passing through Lasarte, Andoain and Villabona, municipalities with historical-artistic, archaeological and above all naturalistic values. We will also pass through Tolosa, an important town in the area, its historic center being one of the largest with an abundance of public buildings dating from the 16th and 17th centuries. Little by little, we are introducing ourselves towards the interior of Guipúzcoa and we will arrive at Ordizia.

This typical village in the Goierri area has an old historic center and the town's nucleus declared as a Monumental-Historical Complex. But the great attraction of Ordizia is in the market of products of the country, whose origin dates back to the 11th and 12th centuries. Its celebration takes place every Wednesday of the year and this weekly market is joined by a series of extraordinary markets such as those dedicated to the excellent cheese of Idiazabal, medieval fair, wine, Christmas, Basque Festivities… ..Short stop to stroll through its streets. We will continue our journey through Beasain, Ormaiztegi, Zumarraga and then we will go to Oñati, the most stately and monumental town in Guipúzcoa for its artistic grandeur in buildings of true architectural value.

After contemplating part of these monuments, we will go up a road between ravines to reach the most important Sanctuary in Guipúzcoa, the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Aranzazu. It is a compendium of the best contemporary Basque art, by the Franciscan order and surrounded by a unique geographical space.

We continue the journey towards Mondragón, later passing through Aretxabaleta and Escoriaza, small towns in Alto Deba with its Deba river that gives the area its name. We continue the trip passing near the Salinas de Leniz, a town with old salt flats and with its Salt Museum that shows the various systems for making the "White Gold" so important in past times. Continuation of the trip to the Rioja Alavesa. We will pass through Labastida, a typical town in this area and later we will arrive at Laguardia, famous for its monumental historical complex and especially for its wineries. Free time to explore the town and have lunch in one of its typical restaurants; Our guide will offer you details of the restaurants and menus available, depending on your wishes.

After lunch we will go to Vitoria where we will start a Panoramic Tour of this beautiful city, capital of the Basque Autonomous Community; with its official buildings, headquarters of the Basque Government, the residence of the Lehendakari, the Artium Museum, the Cathedral of Santa Maria, the church of the Virgen Blanca, its Old Town, and its modern streets and avenues that make Vitoria a friendly capital, urbanistically advanced and welcoming. Free time to explore the center and the Old Town of Vitoria on your own. Our guide will advise you with complete information on the activities you can do during your stay in the city. Accommodation at the Hotel in Vitoria.

Day 5. VITORIA - BILBAO: Salinas de Añana, Balmaseda and Potugalete Suspension Bridge

Breakfast. The tour will begin from the center of Vitoria to take the route towards the interior of Álava, passing through rural areas and natural landscapes. We arrive at Gesaltza (Salinas de Añana), where we will stop to appreciate its primitive system, documented since the 9th century, of obtaining salt by evaporation of water in a set of terraces that occupies 150 hectares. We will continue the tour passing through the town of Orduña, located in a wide valley surrounded by the mountainous cirque of Sierra Salvada, Orduña is an "island" geographically located within Álava, and at the same time bordering Burgos. We will continue our journey to Amurrio, a center of activity in the region and a town rich in manor houses such as Urrutia, Larra and Ugarte or the beautiful Palace of Cejudo, from the 16th century.

During this section, we will pass through small towns and we will be able to contemplate the magnificent natural life with its mountains and green landscapes that already belongs to the transition between the Álava de la plateau and this more mountainous and rugged one. Following the tour we will enter La Tierra de Ayala, one of the few places where nature is so generous. Rugged mountain ranges with fanciful shapes, green meadows and extensive oak and holm oak forests, offer one of the most beautiful landscapes in the Basque Country. Ayala is part of the so-called Cantabrian Valleys and constitutes a unit with its own geological features. The valley, which dominates the entire center and north, is complemented by the impressive Sierra Salvada that rises haughtily and defiantly to the south.

We will arrive in Balmaseda where we have lunch in a typical restaurant in the area with drinks included. Balmaseda Bridge After lunch, we continue our tour of the mining area to reach the coast at Santurce and Portugalete. We will enter this town on the left bank of the Bilbao estuary, famous for its Suspension Bridge, which dates from 1893 and is the oldest transport suspension bridge in the world. Once on the other side of the shore, we will be in Getxo, where we will go to the famous marina with its quiet walks on the edge of the sea from where we have a magnificent view of the Abra de Bilbao and the entire industrial area of the super-port located across the shore. Free time for lunch. Our guide will inform you of various possibilities of restaurants and selected menus so that you can choose the one that most appeals to you.

Later we will arrive in Bilbao, we will start a Panoramic Tour and be able to contemplate the Maritime Museum, the Euskalduna Palace and the Guggenheim Museum, as well as the Abando-Ibarra area with its promenades, gardens, monuments and shopping centers that have made it an urban landmark of the new Bilbao. We will also pass in front of the Town Hall and the artistic work of Oteiza located opposite, to go up to Mount Artxanda and from this vantage point, dominate all of Bilbao, so that you can contemplate a splendid view. From here to the center of Bilbao to get to the Old Town where we will stop for a Walking Tour.

The current capital of Biscay was born in what is now known as Old Bilbao. We will discover the most endearing corners through a walk through the Seven Streets, the Plaza de Santiago with the Cathedral of the same name, the church of San Antón, the Mercado de la Ribera, the quiet Plaza Nueva ... The transfer will be made to the hotel so that they can freely explore the city. The guide will provide you with very complete information on all the museum, cultural, folkloric, social or sports activities that take place in Bilbao. Likewise, our guide will accompany you to the Guggenheim Museum, with its permanent collection and temporary exhibitions, being able to visit it freely with the ticket provided. Accommodation at the Hotel in Bilbao.


Breakfast. Free day in Bilbao. Our guide will provide you with information about the activities to be carried out on that day. Accommodation at the Hotel in Bilbao.


Breakfast. Free time in the city until it is time to transfer to the bus station to take the regular bus to Pamplona. Reception and transfer to the Hotel. In the afternoon, a walk through the historical case of Pamplona. Dinner at the Gastronomic Society with explanation of the program. This dinner will be paid for by all, as is the local custom.


Day 8. PAMPLONA - ISABA: Irati Forest, Ochagavía and Roncal Valley

Breakfast and departure to Isaba, a Pyrenean town in the Roncal Valley. On the way we will visit Orbaizeta and the Irati Forest, the largest beech-fir forest after the Black Forest. We will discover a humanized landscape, where the presence of man is scarce, conserving large areas of forest and pastures.

We will continue our way through Abaurrea Alta to see the “Garden of Stelae”. Medieval stelae that evoke part of the history of the Basque people. We will continue our journey parallel to the Pyrenees, and after a brief stop in Ochagavia, we will arrive at Isaba. Lunch. In the afternoon, we will visit the Roncal Valley and its natural corners. Return to Isaba and free time to enjoy this typical mountain town. Accommodation.

Day 9. ISABA - BAIONA: Valle de Belagua, Maule, St Jean Pied de Port

Breakfast and today we will visit the Belagua Valley, the most relevant Pyrenean ecosystem in the Roncal Valley, with heights that range between 1,100 meters of the so-called Rincón de Belagua and 2,428 meters of the Mesa de los Tres Reyes. Located north of the Roncal Valley, in the muga of Navarra, France and Huesca, in its interior is the Larra Natural Reserve, which houses the most unique and representative of the Pyrenean ecosystems and constitutes one of the most impressive karst morphological sites of Europe.

Later we will cross the Pyrenees by the ski slopes of La Pierre de Saint Martin or Arette, to go down its northern slope to Santa Grazi. Lunch and brief stop in Maule, capital of Xuberoa. Continuation to St Jean de Pied de Port (Donibane Garazi), capital of Lower Navarra. Arrival in Baiona, visit and accommodation.

Day 10. BAIONA: Saint Jean de Luz, Biarritz and Baiona

Breakfast and visit to the Coast of the Basque Corsairs. We will know its warrior past and its tourist present. Saint Jean de Luz marked the end of French hostilities with Spain with the wedding of Louis VIX and the Infanta Maria Teresa of Austria, the eldest daughter of Philip IV, King of Spain. This act led to the signing of the Pyrenees Peace Treaty. After visiting Biarritz, we will arrive to eat in Baiona. In the afternoon visit the city. Accommodation at the hotel and free time.


Breakfast and visit to Hondarribia, where we will know its important cultural and artistic heritage, inheritance of a rich history. Its walls, most of them standing and in a constant process of recovery, give it a special appearance, evoking an epic past and permeating every corner, alley, and plaza with aromas, flavors and sounds that transport us to other times. Then, transfer to San Sebastián or Pamplona.

Thursday from March 4, 20217 to March 24, 2022 (see Easter, Christmas and Long weekends).

Hotel category

In double room

Individual room space

Tourist Hotels 3 *

€ 1,720 / p

€ 510 / p

Hotels First 4 *

€ 1,930 / p

€ 560 / p


High Season Spto from July 1 to 9 and from September 20 to October 31:

In Tourist Hotels: € 60 / pers
In First Hotels: € 80 / pers


Extra Season Spto from July 6 to September 29
(both inclusive and is added to the TA on dates the coinciding dates)

In Tourist Hotels: € 110 / pers
In First Hotels: € 130 / pers


- Arrival and departure transfers from Bilbao and Pamplona airport, train or bus station

- Transportation throughout the program. According to group composition in van / minibuses or luxury coaches.

- Accommodation in Double rooms.

- Hotels category 3 * and 4 * according to the chosen option.

- Bed and Breakfast Regimen from D1 to D7 of the program.

- Lunch on D5 in Balmaseda in a local restaurant.

- Half Board from Breakfast on D8 to Breakfast on D11 (breakfast at the hotel and Lunch at local restaurants).

- Panoramic tour and guided visit in Bilbao, Donostia, Vitoria and Pamplona.

- Guided walking tour of the Old Town in San Sebastián and Bilbao, Medieval Areas of Vitoria and Pamplona.

- Guided walking tour in Getaria, Oñati and Laguardia.

- Entrance to the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao and entrance to the San Telmo Museum in San Sebastián.

- Visit to the Sanctuary of Aranzazu, Visit to the Torre de San Ignacio House and the Loyola Basilica.

- Visit the Monumental Complex of Quejana (Depending on availability. Otherwise, the Ethnographic Museum of Artziniega).

- Use of the Suspension Bridge to cross the Ría de Bilbao.

- Spanish-speaking Accompanying Guide. In the case of groups of less than 15 people, you can be a driver-guide with local guides in some places.

- Information on purchases and typical products during the Routes.

- Informative material about the trip.

- Telephone assistance 24 hours



- Travel Assistance Insurance and cancellation.

- Dinner on Sunday D7 to be paid for by all.

- Tickets to museums or monuments not included in the previous section.

- All personal expenses such as drinks, laundry, phone calls, etc ...

- Tips or porters.

- Tourist tax in France; € 1.10 / pers / night with direct payment.

- Any other expense not specified in the program and not mentioned as included.


- Guaranteed departures from 2 adults.

- In the event that a place to visit is closed for any reason, an alternative plan will be made if possible. At no time will any refund be made.

- Sustainable vehicles, respectful with the environment and ecological driving. They comply with the European Euro 6 anti-pollution regulation.

- The guide will enforce the health protocols at all times. In case of non-compliance by any participant, by decision of the guide, he will leave the group and will not have the right to any refund.

- Visits may undergo modifications, both in content and form, due to changes in the entities to be visited, due to weather issues, for reasons beyond our control, or programming adjustments.

- Minors must be accompanied by adults.

- Our Experiences and guided tours are not canceled due to adverse weather conditions. Navarra can offer us a very different climate from one valley to another, even on the same day.

- Do not walk excessively, but it is advisable to bring comfortable closed shoes. Forecast rain according to season.

- Groups with less than 16 people, the visits may vary both in content and in form, having to accommodate / adjust to the regular visits that take place in the places to visit.



- Up to 2 years of age: FREE sharing a room with 2 adults. The client will pay directly at the hotel the amount of the crib, extra bed or other services required in it, as well as the expenses of the possible meals during the routes.

- From 2 to 11 years old: 40% Discount on the price in double sharing a room with 2 adults. Includes the performance of all circuit services.



- The guaranteed languages are Spanish and English. Consult other language options, depending on the number of clients in each case.



- Being an activity that in total lasts about 8/9 hours, just in case take 2 masks: Either standard (4h) or FFP2 or KN95 (8h) or one of both.

- Hydroalcoholic gel.

- Sunglasses.

- Cap with visor or hat to protect us from the sun.

- Raincoat and / or warm clothing depending on the season.



- We must bear in mind that we are going to rural areas and that we have to respect the established protocols at all times and with great scruples. The local population may have some fear and suspicion that people from outside their territory can carry the virus to them. With which we have to be very respectful with them and with the protocols established by the health authorities.

- We will greet each other without physical contact.

- For your safety and that of everyone, if you have a fever or any symptoms of Covid-19, or if you have been in contact with someone with Covid-19 in the last 14 days, refrain from participating in the activity. No guide will carry out the activity in the same case. Navarra Health Councils 948 290 290, Euskadi 900 203 050, Aragon 976 696 382, La Rioja 941 298 333 and 112 emergency numbers.

- Maintain a safety distance of 1.5 meters between people who do not live together.

- In closed areas or in places where the safety distance of 1.5 meters cannot be maintained, the use of a mask is mandatory.

- Cleaning hands with hydroalcoholic gel very frequently.

- Do not exchange material or share drinks, food, sun creams or lipsticks. What one person has touched, cannot be touched by another without first having been disinfected (if they are not a family unit living together).

- Pamphlets that are visible do not take them. Ask the staff for them.

- The guide will enforce the health protocols at all times. In case of non-compliance by any participant, by decision of the guide, he will leave the group and will not have the right to any refund.



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