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Reception in the afternoon, with our guide. Informative meeting and delivery of documentation for your Pilgrimage on the Camino de Santiago. Afterwards, we will take a walk through Roncesvalles, where we will attend the Pilgrim's mass. The blessing at the end is the best way to start our pilgrimage. Then on our first night, maybe we'll see some trout, like the ones Hemingway used to catch in the local river! Accommodation.


With our scallop shells on, our guide will accompany us for a stretch following various markers on the Camino and the famous yellow arrow. We will follow this yellow arrow through pastures and fields, which make this part of the Camino de Santiago so famous for its km0 products.

We will walk through "hamlets", large stone houses that have been in the same family for generations and generations. Upon entering Zubiri, we will cross the Gothic bridge known as "La Rabia", which was used by farmers in a ritual to prevent their livestock from getting sick.

Accommodation: Zubiri / Walking: 22 km


Departure from Zubiri to Larrasoaña, a town with strong ties to the Camino, as mentioned in the 12th century Calixtino Codex, the official Camino guide of the time! Be on the lookout for various Jacobean signs and armor shields on stone buildings.

We will enter Pamplona through the medieval Magdalena Bridge and the medieval walls, to meet the Cathedral of Santa María la Real, with its beautiful cloisters and interesting façade. Pamplona's patron saint is San Fermín, and in keeping with tradition, this energetic university city is always packed with tourists and locals, ready to keep the streets of the old part of the city lively.

Accommodation: Pamplona / Walking: 21 km


Leaving Pamplona we find Cizur Menor, where we can see the Church of San Miguel Arcángel. To get in shape, the Camino gives you your first constant climb to the Alto de Perdón pass, where we can enjoy the views of the surrounding valleys.

Following the scallop shells, you arrive at Puente la Reina, named in honor of Doña Mayor, who had the bridge built to ensure the pilgrims coming from the French and Aragonese routes, so that they could continue walking safely.

Accommodation: Puente la Reina / Walking: 25 km


Leaving Cirauqui, you walk through rich agricultural fields, olive trees, grapes and fruit trees, suddenly we will find the old Roman roads and bridges that lead to Lorca.

After some ups and downs, you enter the magnificent city of Estella, where you can still see evidence of its importance in the 11th century for its trade. The pilgrims were also highly respected, and their rights specifically protected in the charter the city of Estella.

Accommodation: Estella / Walking: 22 km


As you leave Estella, you will find the former Benedictine monastery of Irache, where the winery still honors the ancient tradition of providing free wine to pilgrims. Take a sip, but not too much as you still have miles to go!

The tower of the Church of San Andrés, from the 12th century, lets us know that we have reached Villamayor de Monjardín. Before continuing to Los Arcos, whose old entrance was known as the Puerta de las Conchas, being the access point to the old Jewish quarter.

Accommodation: Los Arcos / Walking: 22 km


Our hike today will take us through miles of vineyards. In Torres del Río the Church of the Holy Sepulcher awaits us, attributed to the Knights Templar and known for its special acoustics. We will continue to Viana, an energetic city with a lot of history on the Camino, including the Church of Santa María, from the 13th century, where Cesar Borgia is buried. Borgia was said to be the illegitimate son of Pope Alexander VI, and was killed in an ambush while trying to recapture Viana in 1507.

Accommodation: Viana / Walking: 19 km


7 days of walking, 141 kilometers, and you arrive in Logroño, the capital of La Rioja, famous for its magnificent red wines. Today, more than a walk, it is a short walk. So we advise you to spend the afternoon tasting some of the excellent Rioja wines, in this bustling university town.

In addition to visiting the 14th century Cathedral of Santa María la Redonda, known for its twin towers (Las Gemelas).

Accommodation: Logroño / Walking: 10 km


After breakfast, our tour has come to an end. ULTREIA!

May 31 and June 8, 2022

Group 3 to 15 people: € 1,000 / person


Welcome meeting in Roncesvalles with our guide. At this meeting, all the necessary documentation will be delivered to become a Pilgrim; Credentials (Pilgrim's Passport), a scallop shell, daily route maps, a guide with historical information on the towns you will pass through, and some goodies for the trail! We will answer any questions you have before embarking on your trip to Santiago.

Accommodation: 8 nights in a combination of 3 * and 4 * hotels, restored manor houses and small guesthouses / inns located on the Camino. All rooms have their own bathrooms. We have chosen these accommodations for their hospitality, comfort and location. Although in some rural areas it will not be possible because there is no possibility of 3 * and 4 * hotels.

Meals: All breakfasts are included in your hotels. We have arranged to be complemented by the standard Spanish breakfast of coffee and toast. The first night of the itinerary, our guide will take you to dinner in Roncesvalles - wine and beer included. Afterwards, we will provide you with a list of places along the Camino with food recommendations. If you have any dietary restrictions, let us know so that we can transfer it to our hotels.

Limited Group Size: Although this tour is self-guided, we have limited the size of each outing to 15 passengers.

Luggage transport: We will organize the transfer of 1 backpack / piece of luggage (20 kgs) per person between your hotels on your walk along the Camino. If you need more than 1 piece, please contact us for details.

Pre / During / Post Service: We are here to help! Do you need help with hotels before or after your trip? Are you coming back from Logroño? Questions about what to wear? Do you need a taxi while on the trail? We are here to make sure your trip runs smoothly, as it should be,

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