2 days
10 to 40 pers
Culture and traditions, Nature, MICE Groups and Congresses
Planned itinerary
Departure dates

Aurresko welcome (ongi etorri) to all attendees performed by a txistulari and dantzari (it can be a boy or a girl). The reception can be held in any of the cities chosen for the Congress or event.


The participants will have all-terrain vehicles, 4 people per vehicle, which will be driven by themselves, alternating in driving as they wish and in Convoy formation they will travel from approximately 10:00 a.m. to highways, the vast majority of them secondary with very high little traffic lost in valleys and mountains of Guipúzcoa, Navarra and France, and, in what is legally possible and technically feasible, sections of roads or forest tracks open to traffic, enjoying wonderful environments of nature and charming towns that will make the delights of the lucky participants.

During the Route, different stops will be made where they will receive specific explanations from our Guides on Nature, Orography and History of the places where we pass, so in addition to visually admiring them, they will be able to know and enjoy them properly.   The total duration of the experience will be around 7-8 hours, starting at 10:00 am with an intermediate stop for lunch (around 2:00 pm) and probably a mid-morning stop for a snack in an interesting place in the city. route. The return to the hotel, in the center of San Sebastián / Donostia will be set between 5:00 p.m. and 6:00 p.m.

Areas and towns of Guipúzcoa, Navarra and France will be visited, such as, as a guide: Aiako-Harria Natural Park, Zugarramurdi (with the Museum of the Witches), Caves of Sara, Tren de la Rhune, and Bera, etc., always traveling the Route mostly by local or county roads. It is important to indicate that roads open to traffic in general will always be traveled, since due to the proximity of the date in question there is no margin to try to process permits for restricted access areas.

The Convoy will be headed and closed by our control vehicles, and probably with an additional intermediate vehicle, and it will always move keeping a coherent and adequate visual distance to the road on which it is circulated between the immediately consecutive vehicles.

We are going to carry out a "NATURE LANDSCAPE ROUTE and LOST CORNERS of the French-Basque Country" in which speed, great distances and haste have no place. Just the opposite so that you can admire all the places you are going to walk through.

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